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Over 20 years ago Ausbroaden Pty Ltd founded Alterations Boutique providing alterations, tailoring and Fashion couture services. Through client recommendation we have built up a successful business providing these services to local fashion boutiques and personal clients including many celebrities.

The success of this company has been marked by its rapid development from a small business to now employing some 6 tailors/Dressmakers for the daily work.

Late 1997, the business was started at Mosman Cachet Accute, a very stunning little shopping court with about 20 shops to provide retail, service as well as a coffee & tea shop. 10 years after, because of the re-development of the centre, Lilyn Boutique moved to Albion Lane, just across the military Road,still in Mosman. After finished a three years lease ther, we moved back to Military Road, next door to the new building where originally Mosman Cachet was, just a wall next to the precious shop. That's mean, 20 years, 2 times moving, 3 premises stayed, we are always in Mosman to serve the local loyal customers.

The service has been accepted by most customer because we always devote to find the best and easiest way to solve the problem for customer's garments, and therefore the cost is the lowest. Best service, the most reasonable price, that's what we bring to you!


© Copyright 2013. Lilyn(R). "Lilyn Boutique" is a subsidiary of Ausbroaden Pty. Ltd. ABN: 65 08301280796 - Suite 3, 706 Military Road Mosman 2088 NSW Australia